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This single-family, accessory unit in the heart of East Jackson makes living small feel large. An upstairs floor provides just under 1,000 square feet of living space situated over a ground-floor, two-car garage and garden room.


The vaulted one-and-a-half story ceiling ensures that the upstairs floor maintains a spacious feeling. This small space offers a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bath. Meanwhile, an entire corner of floor-to-ceiling glass widows opens the view. During the winter, an efficient wood fireplace bathes the rooms in warmth.


The combination of different materials on the exterior of the house creates visual interest while keeping maintenance low. JH Builders used galvanized corrugated metal, Hardie Board siding and ProDemo natural wood veneer panels that never need staining. A cantilevered deck protects the ground floor garage and extends the living area outdoors during warm summer months.

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